Road Safety Is Our Priority

About Us

Peninsula Construction and RSG International, Peninsula Construction’s parent company, have been acquired by Ramudden Global – a global leader in road safety infrastructure. To learn more please click here.

Peninsula Construction is a leader in the road safety infrastructure sector in Ontario. Established in 1980, Peninsula Construction is committed to installing road safety devices with the highest level of expertise, customer service, and precision to create safer roadways in Ontario.

Road safety products play a critical role in keeping motorists, construction workers, emergency services, and vulnerable users safe when using our municipal and provincial road systems. These products are designed to make accidents less severe, create safer work zones, and protect motorists from roadside hazards.

As health and safety is a core foundation of Peninsula Construction’s operations, we are immensely proud of achieving the Certificate of Recognition (COR™) accreditation in Ontario by the Infrastructure Health & Safety Association (IHSA).

Installation Services

Our installation service offerings include everything from steel beam guide rail, end terminals, crash cushions, sign supports, high tension cable guide rail, noise barrier walls, temporary construction barrier, and fencing.


Annual Guide Rail Improvement Program on Regional Roads
MTO Central Region (Niagara)
May 2020 – Ongoing
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Hwy 417 – Noise Barrier Wall Installation
MTO East Region (Ottawa)
March 2019 – June 2020
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QEW – TCB and Guiderail Installation
MTO Central Region (Niagara)
November 2019 – November 2022
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Peninsula Construction, headquartered in Fonthill, Ontario and has sales offices and yards both in the Niagara region and Ottawa. We are an ever-expanding, employee-centric construction company, providing road safety product installation services across the province.

At Peninsula Construction we believe, “Our Success is Our People.”

As we continue to grow, we are always looking for skilled, reliable, and safety-oriented applicants.

If construction is your career of choice, we would be pleased to receive your resume. Please send cover letters and resumes to [email protected]. Resumes will be kept on file for 6 months.